My cattle were grass fed only, before grass fed was cool! My intention is to help you get into the "intelligent range", not necessarily an A+, on every facet of cattle production.

You can rent my mind and lifetime experience for less than the tuition to 1 school. Or you can spend massive $ and time on many promoted schools and conferences plus travel, meals, motels, books and still make your own trial and error mistakes over the next 35 + years. Below are just a few of the ways I offer to assist you. They were all learned from personal experiments, trial and error, plus many schools and seminars and books, using my own money, on my own cattle, on my own farms.

Born on a cattle farm in Logan county KY, near the KY and TN border. Graduated from UK with a degree in Agricultural Economics. Purchased my own farms in northwestern KY without inheritance or gifts -just me and the banker, (and a very understanding wife!).

Attended many Stockman Grassfarmer conferences and various conferences and schools and pasture walks and books since the mid 1970's in WI, KS, MO, MS, KY. With people like Bud Williams, Greg Judy, Gerald Fry, Allan Nation, Allen Williams, Doug Gunnink, Gary Lacefield, Don Ball, Joel Salatin, Jim Gerrish, Terry Gompert, Jim Lents, Dick Diven, etc.

Former District Manager for Ralston Purina - so I know the high input with grain concentrate, antibiotic, and implant programs; as well as the grass only, no antibiotic, no hormone programs. I have shown cattle at local, state and national level.

Have used the following:

  • Long cut, direct chop pasture silage system for 15 years
  • Linear measurements and DNA tenderness test of our cattle
  • Line-breeding and selection for forage only production in KY heat, humidity, and fescue environment
  • High tensile fence from 6 wire to 1 wire plus various manufactures of step in temporary post and poly wire, reels, and energizers - some good, some great, some junk.
  • Registered cattle
  • Commercial cattle
  • Katahdin Hair sheep
  • AI & Natural bulls
  • Water systems from ponds, to lakes, to county water systems using Mirafount and Cobett water systems plus cut out tires, concrete tanks, buried and above ground water pipes and tanks.
  • Owned Aitchison seeder, rented county no-till seeders, Herd seeders for frost seeding plus disc and plant seeding.
  • Planted fescue, red and white clovers, bermuda grass, orchard grass, timothy, sorghum sudan grass, Indian grass, switch grass, alfalfa, brome, crab grass, perennial ryegrass, lespedeza, wheat, and oats for grazing and grass silage.
  • Winter stockpile strip grazing, MOB grazing, daily rotational, 3 day rotational, weekly movement, and set stocking have all been used.
  • Reduced winter feeding to 60 days unless snow and ice extends it to 90 day max.
  • Raw milk and sea salt fertilization of pastures.
  • Cattle purchased from MT, WY, SD, PA, KY, TN, VA, MO, IA OH, and MD - what to select for and what to be very cautious of in cattle purchases.
  • Free plans for a free mineral feeder that will not rust and outlast your grandchildren.
  • $300 cattle chute with a Bud Box vs. the $10,000 commercial units.
  • Designed and built various working pens, alley and load-outs for different farms, both permanent and temporary.
  • Direct marketing of beef through Farmers Markets and various other marketing methods.
  • Used Great Pyrenees Dogs, Llama, and guard donkeys with cattle and sheep.
  • Various breeding and calving seasons built around the environment and forages
  • Low input heifer development for longer productive life cows.
  • Leased cows and Lease/sold cows with contract terms for your assistance.
  • Geo-textile fabric with rock feed pads and animal walkways
  • Hay storage systems and tricks, plus hay rings that actually save hay.
  • Bought, developed and sold 4 farms personally as well as Real Estate Broker sold a multitude of crop, pasture, recreational/hunting farms. Tax consequences and 1031 exchanges plus trust programs for estate planning.
  • Leased many large and small farms as both lessor and lessee.

  • No books to sell, no seminars to sell, no equipment to sell you -just my lifetime experience of what works and what does not work in our environment. I am not available for far western ranchers - I know the Fescue Belt! Totally unbiased on supplier, brand or breed.

  • Available to help the new cattleman get started in the most efficient way - or fine tune the longer established cattleman working in Fescue Country. I come to your farm. I help you utilize your available resources and realize your farm goals.

  • Call or email Larry Sansom 270-302-2836 or angus@larrysansom.com