GeneStar DNA Test Results for Tenderness
Fabron wins them all! 6 stars potential – He got all 6 stars!
CAST=2, CALP =2, and the new T3= 2 This bull has ALL the Tenderness Markers!
  Bemaster of Dalmeny
Prince of The Night  
  Pride of Bendores
Puck of Wickwire  
  Bemaster of Dalmeny
Penelope of Wickwire  
  Pride 15 of Dunira
Foremost of Wye  
  Blackcap Glen 4
Blackcapper 24 of Page  
  Hilda Blackcap 3
  Andelot Barkley
Pearl Barkley  
  Pearl Marshall 3
Fabron of Wye  
  Janric of Dalmeny
Erison of Harviestoun  
  Erissa of Harvieston
Gaird of Dalmeny  
  Baron Brahma
Georgina 19 of Dalmeny  
  Georgina 15 of Dalmeny
Matilda G of Wye  
  Blackcap Glen 4
Blackcapper 24 of Page  
  Hilda Blackcap 3
Pearl of Dorchester  
  Andelot Barkley
Black Pearl 16  
  Black Pearl 15
OCTORARO FABRON 454 Reg: +14310236
  Rito Ever 865 GDAR #
Rito 2100 GDAR#  
  Blackcap Lady 999 GDAR#
CH Stacker 7040#  
  Rito 054 GDAR#
Merle of CH 2031  
  Merle of Cedar Hills 715
Octoraro Stackalong 305  
  Franchester of Wye#
Shoshone Viking GD60  
  Shoshone Wendy D60
Octoraro Gammer 305#  
  Waltz Desert Wintonier 3486
Octoraro Gammer 008  
  Octoraro Gammer S308
Octoraro Delia 454  
  Shoshone Viking GD60#
Shoshone Intent KGEA27#  
  Shoshone Barbara 2 GEA27
Octoraro Intention 135  
  Landlord of Wye
Landlords Queenmere 6902PLS  
  Titans Queenmere 4515 PLS
Octoraro Delia 723  
  FCR Elation Lad 652
Emulation 31#  
  Miss Emulous 243
Octoraro Delia 503#  
  Shoshone Viking GD60#
Octoraro Delia 310  
  Octoraro Delia 810#

Notes on "454" pedigree:

Notice the linebreeding within his pedigree. Puck of Wickwire is the product of half sib mating by Bemaster of Dalmeny. Blackcapper 24 of Page sired both Fabron of Wye grand-dams, they were half sisters, plus both were from Andelot Barkley daughters. Gaird of Dalmeny was an early import bull. He was perhaps the greatest female producer ever used at Wye. He was not an exceptionally large bull, but he sired large, roomy females with great spring of rib, excellent fleshing qualities and beautiful udders. They invariably weaned the heaviest calves regardless of sire. Puck of Wickwire sons on Gaird of Dalmey daughters proved to be Wye's best combination. The Wye Plantation was the first to select for larger Angus cattle - away from the "belt buckle" size. Interestingly, the Wye cattle are now considered moderate, even though they were 1800 to 2100 pound bulls. Fabron of Wye was born in 1957, had a mature weight of 2065 lbs. a masculine crest, heavy muscled, well defined rump, and correct linear measurement balance for today's 21st century cattle. Fabron is found in more pedigrees than any other Wye bull, was the first 1,000 lb. yearling and among the first 3 lb.gainers produced at Wye. The Wye cattle actually had some 35 different linear measurements taken on each animal to confirm their phenotype and correlated the body parts to carcass cuts. He and his sons have been used internationally.

The Dam side of "454" shows great cows from the Octoraro breeding program. The "305", "310", "503", and "723" cows are all from Sam Wylie donor program in Breezewood PA. This is the only Angus herd I have ever walked though and not found 1 poor udder cow. They are picture perfect - even the old "Granny Cows". These cows all trace back to the great bulls of the breed, Emulation 31 (born in 1968), Linebred 3 times to Viking - who stems from the Wye breeding of Conan of Wye and Fabron of Wye. Rito 2100 on the top side of the dam line carries 9 pathfinders in his 3 generation pedigree - and comes from a line breeding of the pathfinder bull Candolier Forever 376. It is interesting to note these old Octoraro donor cows are still working - even at 18 years of age!

Octoraro Fabron 454 is truly a bull bred from the old reliable, pure breeder type Angus seedstock, linebred for prepotency. The cows have all performed and were selected for maternal efficiency and environmental adaptability with low input, no pampering, long lasting genetic value. They were never out-crossed for frame or excessive growth or the latest "new fad" breeding. Fabron of Wye was considered by many as the masterpiece of the Wye breeding program, and can be found in the pedigree of most of the breed's great cattle. Location of the old semen and AI certificate on Fabron of Wye was in itself a rare find to be able to breed for this true genetic treasure.

Octoraro Fabron 454 offers the unique opportunity to replace the fad-chasing, high input requirement cattle in your herd with proven forage based genetics. Do not let his "1957 EPD's" concern you. These cattle will out perform today's pampered show bulls when working in the real world on pasture.

Emulation 31 Fabron of Wye
Imp. Gaird of Dalmeny Shoshone Viking GD60
Conan of Wye Ontoraro Delia 454
Ontoraro Delia 723 Ontoraro Delia 503
Fabron 454 at 2 yrs. old Fabron 454 at 2 yrs. old

GeneStar DNA Test Results for Tenderness
Fabron wins them all! 6 stars potential – He got all 6 stars!
CAST=2, CALP =2, and the new T3= 2 This bull has ALL the Tenderness Markers!